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Fertility Support

Fertility and IVF Support Protocol

Fertility support for those who are experiencing a delay in conception or are going through the IVF process.

How Bowen can help you

  • Balance of the immune system
  • Establishing regular menstruation
  • Help with gynaecological problems
  • Pelvic structural issues
  • Stress release

Fertility Support

Fertility Support with The Bowen Technique

It is important to ensure the body is in alignment to promote the best possible environment for fertility, this may be achieved in one session or more depending on each individual case.  Regular menstruation also needs to be established with the help of Hormonal Bowen Technique.  Thereafter two sessions a month form the fertility protocol with the partner also receiving treatment for optimum results.

Convenient sessions can be booked at the same time or separately.

For more information please click here for the The Bowen Technique fertility flyer or call Maxine on 01252 246824.

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