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Mrs x came in with lower back pain and an obvious lean to the left side. On assessment her right leg appeared 1" longer on the right side but further investigation showed her psoas (core posture muscle) was very tight on the left side. On the third day after the fist session she felt a lot straighter with the odd twinge of pain. She had three Bowen sessions releasing the pelvis, psoas and jaw work to stabalise and reported being pain free after the second session.

“The Bowen Technique with Maxine has done more for my neck and shoulders than any other therapy in the 30 years I have suffered with pain, and I’ve had a lot of therapies!”

V.R. Godalming
Neck and Shoulder Pain

“I was suffering with IBS symptoms and had just had an endoscopy. After having just one Bowen treatment my symptoms went completely, I’m amazed!”

M.J. Carshalton

“I had had a frozen shoulder for about 10 months. I was given cortisone injections with no relief and was on the waiting list for an operation. After only two sessions the pain was almost completely gone and I could lift my arm right up to the ceiling! Three more sessions and I could do my bra up. The operation has now been cancelled.”

I.P. Walton on Thames
Frozen Shoulder

“I have suffered with PMS for years. I had other treatments, which helped but required lots of treatment. I had two Bowen sessions and my symptoms have completely gone – even now five months later!”

D.C. Thames Ditton

“Maxine is a thorough, caring and intuitive professional, specialising in Bowen Technique, but with many other healing tools accessible to her. I have booked sessions with Maxine myself for relief of both back and jaw pains and have recommended her to my own clients on numerous occasions.”

J.B-W. Walton
Back and Jaw Pain

“Dear Maxine, Just want to tell you that your Bowen treatments have made a huge improvement to my back. I went to the theatre the other night and I didn’t have any pain in my back during the whole evening. For years I have experienced pain just by sitting in the chairs in the cinema or the theatre, thank you."

E.B. Esher, Surrey
Back Pain

“I was in a car accident 20 years ago and suffered multiple injuries. I have been in and out of hospital ever since for various corrective surgery on my legs and feet, I have post traumatic in my feet, hip and back … I met Maxine a couple of years ago and on talking to her about her Bowen treatments she offered to help me with my feet … after one session with her I felt a relief in my feet I hadn’t felt in years, I was able to get a full nights sleep for the first time in a long time. I cant praise her enough , her clinic is very professional and a lovely an relaxing environment to have your treatment, I am now a regular weekly customer at her clinic . I would recommend anyone to go along and book up for a treatment … you will not be disappointed , thankyou Maxine x”

W.B. West Molesey
Foot Pain

“I had constant severe throbbing lower back pain for over five years. Normal daily activities I found difficult such as lying on my back, sleeping, and standing for any length of time. I now have my life back! After living with severe lower back pain I now live a normal life and do all my own housework, gardening etc and the consequent depression has lifted. I was living like an invalid but Bowen truly enabled me to live a pain-free, fulfilling lifestyle.”

H.G.S. Surbiton, Surrey
Lower Back Pain

“My daughter Rosie was born with breathing issues and had croup as a baby. Asthma was diagnosed age two. Tests showed high allergies to cat and dog dander. Our family have cats & dogs so it’s always a challenge preventing contact.

As a toddler she was rarely at nursery due to ill health. When she was three she was hospitalised for four days, which is unusual with asthma. On the fourth day I had had enough and booked in with Maxine between nebuliser treatments. Rosie had her observations done; she was discharged for one hour so she could receive the Bowen treatment. When we went back to hospital Rosie had her observations done again everything was different. Her oxygen levels were higher, her breathing was easier and we were discharged the next day. Thereafter Rosie saw Maxine once a week initially until her symptoms came under control, then the treatments were spaced further apart. Maxine has helped us also with Spagyric medicine and given us a lot of support. She has been through a similar situation herself so we have got a lot from Maxine.

Maxine inspired me to become a Bowen Technique practitioner so I can help Rosie within the home and I practice Bowen also. Maxine has been a great benefit to all of us in our family and Rosie’s symptoms are managed. She still has chronic asthma and still gets ill due to her allergies but her episodes are much shorter and she hasn’t been back to hospital since we met Maxine.”

D.B. Hinchley Wood, Surrey
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