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Frequently asked questions

A series of Bowen moves are made on precise points of the body starting near the lower back. These first moves encourage the adrenal and nervous systems to begin to relax. The moves are interspersed with periods of rest to allow the body to respond and release. The treatment is generally relaxing and pleasant, some may feel sensations, some do not although this has no bearing on the outcome of the session.

Medical and lifestyle history are taken into account as well as current symptoms to formulate a treatment plan, which may change according to responses. Postural assessments are taken before and during treatment.

Due to the nature of Bowen it is completely safe and is suitable for the elderly, disabled, children and even babies. In fact many midwives are now studying and using Bowen in hospitals due to its benefits before, during and after birth for mother and baby.

It depends on the length of time the problem has been presenting. Usually if the problem is acute and not present for long 1-3 sessions will be fine, if the condition is more chronic more sessions may be needed. Each person is different – usually three sessions are booked and treatment is reviewed on the third session. For conditions such as arthritis, MS, ME or stroke Bowen is very useful in managing the condition.

After the initial treatment plan is completed people will often choose to go on a maintenance plan with an appointment monthly, six weekly or quarterly to prevent further problems, maintain posture and release stress and tension.

Bowen is best with outer clothing removed so the skin and muscles can be observed, client discretion is preserved with towels. Some prefer to remain fully clothed with light, loose clothing. Jeans, jumpers and shoes will be asked to be removed.

The effects of Bowen may be felt directly after the session, in some it may take a few days as the effects continue up to 14 days afterwards but usually more acute in the first 7 days, which is why sessions are booked about 7 days apart. Thermal imaging research shows this effect take place – click here to see these pictures. Day 5 shows intense heat (in white) the person is experiencing after their Bowen session.

You will be given an after care sheet after your session. Basically we follow the three W’s:

  • Water: 6-8 glasses a day
  • Walk: 15 minutes a day (if you are able to)
  • Wait a week: Avoid any other therapy for at least 7 days before and after Bowen.
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