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About Bowen

The Bowen Technique works through releasing the fascia, our connective tissue which holds us together.  This tissue knots up through injury or tension affecting our muscles, ligaments, tendons and even our internal organs.  Nerves are also interlinked with this system, when the fascia is released, tension is reduced aiding pain relief. Bowen consists of a series of precise moves on specific points of the body, which are light and can be done on skin or through light clothing.  It calms the parasympathetic nervous system, putting the body into a state of deep relaxation so the body can unwind back to health.

The treatment takes up to an hour and in some cases some relief from pain can be experienced on the first visit. Many people state that over the next 3-4 days they experience reactions or tiredness as the body accepts the therapy and realigns itself. The healing process continues for about seven days until treatment is continued. (see thermal imaging research).


Clients may benefit from the following:

  • Musculo-skeletal

    back pain, neck, elbow, knee, wrist pain, sciatic, whiplash, TMJ (jaw), sports injuries, pelvic misalignment, arthritis, tendonitis

  • Respiratory

    asthma, sinus problems, hayfever

  • Digestive

    IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, crohns, acid reflux

  • Hormonal

    PMS, menopause, endometriosis, infertility, fibroids, thyroid

  • Chronic

    Migraines, Fibromyalgia, ME, MS, Parkinsons

  • Pregnancy

    Back pain, morning sickness, cramping, depression, pubic symphysis, birth preparation

  • Babies

    colic, sleep issues, hip dysplasia, restlessness

  • Disability support

    stroke, bells palsy, arthritis

  • Benefiting

    Stress, anxiety, posture, flexibility, energy levels, sleep, immune system

Bowen technique testimony
Jamie Peacock Bowen Technique testimony
Bowen Technique Testimony

10% discount for three sessions booked and paid for in advance Discounts for children

50% cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice.

Appointments after 6pm or at weekends extra £10 fee

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