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About Me

Marylou O'Connell


I am a trained Bowen Therrapist, by the College of Bowen Studies, UK, and a full member of The Bowen Therapy Professional Association.  Since beginning my Bowen journey in 2004 I feel so fortunate to have learnt this wonderful Bowen Technique and help change peoples lives for the better.  Now based in farnham and Haslemere, Surrey.

As part of my continuing professional development in Bowen I have attended:

  • Practitioner course 1 – Nicola Hok
  • Practitioner course 2 – Ossie & Elaine Rentch
  • Palpation & assessment skills – John Wilks
  • Mind, Body Bowen – Anne Schubert & Margaret Spicer
  • Respiratory / Asthma – Alastair Rattray
  • Advanced Specialised procedures 1 - Ossie & Elaine Rentch
  • Advanced Specialised procedures 2 - Ossie & Elaine Rentch
  • Anatomy, superficial fascia & self work - Nicola Hok
  • The Art of Bowen - assessment & more - Alistair Mcloughlin
  • Hormonal Balance - Ron Phelan
  • Assessment techniques - Ron Phelan
  • Essential TMJ - modules 1 & 2 - Ron Phelan
  • Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release - Alistair Mcloughlin

Marylou O'Connell


My Bowen Journey

In my early working life I was a part qualified accountant with AAT, I didn't get on with statistics! Life changes prompted me to look for further study that suited me better as a person.  From 1999, I studied Anatomy & Physiology, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage and various other therapies.  After practicing Aromatherapy Massage for years my wrist joints were very painful and I developed a ganglion on my right wrist. I needed to retrain to relieve the strain and heard about the effectiveness of The Bowen Technique. My own child suffered from severe asthma and was hospitalized twice when young, with Bowen, Nutrition and Spagyric medicine is now very healthy. Therefore through my experiences I have formulated lifestyle and dietary advice for those with respiratory system problems so they can continue to benefit after treatment.

My mother is disabled through a stroke when she was 36 years old.  She has found The Bowen Technique very helpful in relieving pain, improving mobility and helping with her arthritis.

My Bowen Tutor treated my wrist on the first day of the Bowen course, when I looked at my wrist two weeks afterwards I realized I had had no pain and my ganglion had completely disappeared!  I have had Bowen myself successfully for a misaligned pelvis, misaligned sacro-iliac joint and for my ankle which was severely broken in my early 20s and consequently I no longer have any problems with it.

Professional development

I started study in 1999 and have been practicing since 2001.  I am fully qualified, registered and insured.  Every year I attend continuing professional development courses, keep my first aid certificate up to date every three years and I am a member of two professional Bowen associations here in the UK and in Australia.  I am qualified in nutritional advice, which may be discussed in the consultation, if necessary.

After 15 years Managing a clinic in East Molesey and seven years also practicing from home in Elstead, I have expanded my business to Seale, Farnham and now run a Therapy and Education Centre in a charming converted farm building. Do take a look at our website at

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