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The Bowen Technique

The Bowen move works through the fascia system, also known as Myofascia, which surrounds muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, organs, bones, even our veins. Recent scientific research into fascia is proving how this previously disregarded system is actually very important connective tissue, affecting pain, injury and organic complaints.



What is Bowen Treatment like?
Is it safe?
How many sessions do I need?
What do I wear?
What should I expect from my session?
What can I do to improve the treatment outcome?


About Me

Marylou O'Connell
I qualified as a Bowen Therapist in 2005 with the College of Bowen Studies UK and I am a full member of The Bowen Therapy Professional Association.  I am based in Farnham and Haslemere, Surrey.

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About Bowen

The technique consists of a sequence of very precise, gentle moves over muscles and soft tissue interspersed with periods of rest in order for the fascia to unwind, releasing tension in the tissues and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This effect can be very relaxing, encouraging the release of tension on all levels.



“The Bowen Technique with Maxine has done more for my neck and shoulders than any other therapy in the 30 years I have suffered with pain, and I’ve had a lot of therapies!”

V.R. Godalming

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